Over the years, I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.

- Yves Saint Laurent

We define beauty holistically and we want to encourage women to do the same by recognizing that their self-worth is comprised of much more than their appearance. In an effort to promote greater self-compassion, we’ve designed a unique size labeling system that reinforces what truly makes women beautiful – what’s on the inside. Instead of small, medium, large or numbered sizes, you’ll find messages such as “I am CONFIDENT”, “I am RADIANT” and “I am VIVACIOUS” on our clothing labels. We’ll worry about making sure the garment fits you well. You should just focus on how awesome you are. This is what the FEEL GOOD component of our brand is all about – inspiring women to focus on their confidence, strength and talent – all of which makes them beautiful. 

We have created the following guide to help you determine what size to purchase in REVIVAL Style apparel. Although we do not use industry standard sizing labels such as small, medium and large, we have mentioned them only as a reference point because they are so widely used and it may be helpful to you as you decide which size is the best for you.

Photo credit: Jill Futter