Artisanal design

The LOOK GOOD component of our brand speaks to our design focus. Our aesthetic blends the ornate beauty of traditional Indian craft with contemporary silhouettes to create stylish, well-made, collections that are appropriate for every season.

Our collections live at the intersection of style + social good. REVIVAL Style offers both economic empowerment to our artisan partners and a self-rewarding experience for our customers as they not only LOOK GOOD but also understand the story of the garment or accessory they’re wearing. Each REVIVAL Style piece carries with it the time, love and labor that talented artisans put into hand-embellishing it with traditional and contemporary craftwork. Which, for customers translates into a deeper sense of appreciation as they cherish that garment for years to come.

We strive to reassert the idea of clothing as an investment – something to be appreciated, valued and worn over time.


Indian Craft

India has an immensely rich craft history. Each region of the country has craft techniques unique to its resources, history and culture. Artisans are craftspeople who have learned craft techniques passed down from one generation of their family to the next. Below are just a few examples of fabrics with hand made designs created using Indian craft techniques. To learn more about Indian craft, visit our CRAFT section.